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Specializing in Commercial & Residential Sterilization

No matter how large or small the project, SteraPro™ has the solution to help any business or individual thrive in exceptionally healthy environments.

Our Focus


High Touch Disinfection

Implements SteraMist™ Surface disinfection unit, BIT (Binary Ionization Technology) to eradicate harmful pathogens for your ‘high touch’ surfaces and “mission-critical” areas. Most disease is spread by skin to surface contact. We can treat any area of concern, you frequently touch and where you spend the most amount of time. This makes up approximately 25% of the surface area of your environment.


Full Touch Disinfection

In addition to all of the ‘high touch’ surfaces, ‘Full touch’ includes all surfaces, eye level and below. Addressing areas that you lean and work upon. This process encompasses the “everyday” areas. i.e.  countertops, appliances, desktops, tools, chairs, equipment, and flooring. Approximately 45 – 50% of the surface area of your total environment.


Whole Room Disinfection

Utilizes Steramist™ full room Environmental system, with precisely measured BIT (Binary Ionization Technology) to saturate the air yielding surgical grade disinfection, treating the ambient air as well as all surface areas. This process is ideal for airborne viruses and bacteria control.

SteraPro™ Services

Education Disinfection

The nature of education can present some of the most challenging aspects of contagion control & prevention. SteraPro™ has the answer to keep the staff and students safe and healthy year round. Learn More:

Daycare Disinfection

Daycares are notorious for harboring germs and bacteria of every sort. SteraPro™ has the solution to keep our “little ones” safe & healthy day in and day out. Learn More:


Commercial Office Space

SteraPro™ provides a variety of valuable disinfection services, ideal for commercial office and high traffic working environments. We can help you save huge on loss prevention. Learn More: 

Senior Care Disinfection

SteraPro™ specializes in assisted living disinfection & prevention. SteraPro™ can greatly reduce microbial exposure for both surface and air environments, for “High Risk” residents. Learn More:

Healthcare & Lab Facilities

SteraPro™ offers an elite option for all types of healthcare & laboratory facilities and transport vehicles. We can be of great value and assistance helping you navigate the necessary protocols and achieving stellar resultsLearn More:

Fitness & Yoga Disinfection

SteraPro™ provides quick, reliable turn- key disinfection and protection for all types of fitness facilities, helping to maintain exceptionally clean equipment and shared areas. Learn More: 

Restaurants, Food & Beverage

“SteraPro™ specializes in all aspects of Food Safety, and bacterial control.  We have the solution to keep you safe! Learn More:

Big-Box Stores

SteraPro™ has the ability to disinfect large areas in expedient timeframes. No matter the size or timing, SteraPro™ has the solution to help you stay open and ready for business. Learn More: 

Hospitality Solutions

SteraPro™ provides numerous services unique to the hospitality industry. Quick turn around times, lab reports, and litigious support. We have the solution to help you maintain 5 star standards. Learn More:

Church's "Gather not Scatter"

SteraPro™ shares a strong faith and will do everything we can to meet your need and get you stabilized and back on track to healthy services, safe congregations, and peace that surpasses understanding. Learn More:

Transportation Control

Whether, Planes, Trains, First Responders, Cruise Ships, Yachts, or Automobiles, SteraPro™ has the solution to ensure immaculate protection for any  type of travel environment. Learn More:

Yachts & Cruise Ships

SteraPro™ provides an unparalleled control for cruise ship providers, offering quick turn around and minimal downtimes. Learn More:

Mold Remediation

SteraPro™ specializes in all aspects of mold and fungal removal & eradication. Indoor air quality, and allergen control. Learn More:

Veterinary Disinfection

SteraPro™ delivers powerful disinfection for both pets and people.  Learn More:

Crime Scene Decontamination

SteraPro™ works with all types of law enforcement agencies to provide an emergency solution for biological threats and cleanups from terrorist and criminal activity. 

What You Can Expect From SteraPro™

Quality & Reliable Service

SteraPro™ is a professional company that knows how to deliver consistent quality service, time and again. We pride ourselves in punctuality, communication, and reliability. We deeply value our clients and care about the health and wellness in their environments. Our client retention rate is 97%, enough said, let us prove it to you and earn your business risk free. 

Fully Licensed, Insured, & Secured

SteraPro™ is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company. We maintain strict company policies and background screening. All of our technicians are equipped with body cameras to ensure the utmost accountability. SteraPro™ garnishes top quality workman’s compensation insurance for every one of our employees. You are in good hands with the SteraPro™ Team. 

Highly Trained Experts

All of our staff has been throughly trained and certified through the TOMI service network, recognized as the “Gold Standard” in the disinfection industry. We are proud members of the TOMI network and deploy their strict protocols and guidelines on every project delivering exceptional quality and proven results. We have many successful projects under our belt, on time, and on budget. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

SteraPro™ extends a “100% Iron Clad Satisfaction Guarantee” on all of our projects. We pride ourselves in quality and service and you have our ultimate commitment to the success and quality of your project. If you are not 100% satisfied then you won’t pay a dime. 

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