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How BIT Works


SteraPro™ Introduces BIT – Binary Ionization Technology

Exceptional technology for exceptional clients

Surgical Grade Disinfection.

SteraPro™ mastered the two most mission critical challenges to Contagion Control & Prevention

Complete Disinfection 

SteraPro™ first eliminates any harmful pathogens in your environment by utilizing TOMI’s SteraMist™ BIT – Binary Ionization Technology, The BIT solution is precisely atomized, and channeled through an atmospheric high voltage cold plasma arc creating iHP. This process activates highly unstable ROS “Reactive Oxygen Species” comprised mostly of hydroxyl radicals, known as OH. The OH annihilates harmful pathogens on contact. This process uses only EPA registered, 100% children & food safe products to completely reset your environments microbial ecology, achieving surgical-grade disinfection. 


Immaculate Protection.

 Long-Term Protection

Post disinfection, SteraPro™ installs SteraShield™, the most advanced antimicrobial application available – To provide sustainable control against recontamination and maximize the investment made in disinfection. Any microorganisms that come in contact with SteraShield™ are instantaneously stopped dead in their tracks, and the original disinfection process remains stable & intact. SteraShield™ is also EPA registered, children & food safe, and 100% non-toxic.

Proven Results.

TOMI’s SteraMist™ BIT – Binary Ionization Technology has been thoroughly tested and examined by the EPA & CDC. The process has been approved, patented, and extensively case studied proving unparalleled efficacy time and again.

Kansas Sate University Case Study

The Versatility of SteraMist™


USC Medical Center Case Study

USC successfully uses SteraMist™ 

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