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     Frequently Asked Question’s and Answers…


Why should I select SteraPro™ ?

We are highly trained & certified environmental disinfection, bio-decontamination and odor removal specialists. Disinfection and prevention is our only focus and not a peripheral service we only dabble in.

See How SteraPro™ stacks up against alternative methods: The SteraPro™ Advantage.

When you select SteraPro™ you receive:

  • The Industries most advanced technologies and equipment proven to deliver the highest sterility in any environment. 
  • Fast & Reliable Service, Our equipment allows us to do large areas at expedient rates, delivering exceptional efficiency.
  • A+ Sterility & Protection, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
  • An affordable, custom tailored treatment plan that matches the appropriate treatment option with the associated risk level.
  • The safest and most environmentally friendly, EPA registered, safe & non-toxic treatment options available.
  • Validated performance with documented results.
  • Technicians who are trained & certified through the TOMI Service Network, nationally recognized as the “Gold Standard” in microbial eradication, biosafety, bio-containment, sterilization, environmental sterilization and odor control.
  • Strict operating protocols backed with A+ insurance coverage for performing environmental decontamination services.


What is the difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfection & Sterilization?

Cleaning: When an environment is effectively cleaned this means all dust, debris, grease, etc. are removed. 

Sanitizing: When an environment is sanitized, it is thoroughly wiped down and dried, typically antibacterial agents are implemented claiming an acceptable level of microbial proliferation. 

Disinfection: A disinfected environment is achieved by utilizing various methods and chemicals to eradicate an average of 99.9% of microbial pathogens. 

Sterilization: To achieve 100% sterilization of all microbial activity, typically a surgical tool or similar will be completely submersed in a particular solution, this process is called autoclave. To achieve ultra high sterility for a particular environment, SteraPro™ implements TOMI’s SteraMist™ Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) using Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) delivering unparalleled sterility to any environment eradicating 99.9999+ of all microbial activity. 

SteraPro™ provides exceptional sterility for any environment, the last dish represents SteraPro’s™ delivered sterility: Sanitization, Disinfection, Sterilization – The SteraPro™ Difference. 

How do I prepare for a SteraPro™ Treatment ?

In order for SteraPro™ to maximize sterility and our SteraShield™ antimicrobial treatment, SteraPro™ requires that your environment be thoroughly cleaned, vacuumed, dusted, degreased, and wiped down prior to any SteraPro™ treatment. For commercial environments, we’ll coordinate with your janitorial crew and strategize the timing that best suits your schedule. For residential clients, we ask our homeowners to clean their home to the best of their ability or hire a professional cleaning company. 

SteraPro™ is an expert disinfection service and does not provide commercial janitorial or residential cleaning services. Our system and process consists of a “No touch”, “No wipe” process proven to eradicate 99.9999% of all infectious contagions. In other words, SteraPro™ will not be sweeping crumbs off your floor, or cleaning spaghetti sauce, butter, etc. from your counters, cabs, floors, etc. If you happen to need assistance with a professional cleaning service, SteraPro™ networks with a number of reputable cleaning companies that can help you properly prepare prior to our arrival. 

How long does a typical treatment take?

The treatment time varies based upon the size of your facility, the site preparations required, the condition of the space, and the contamination or disease that we are treating, or looking to prevent. In some cases, we can work during normal business hours without disrupting your business. In other situations, we work during your off hours. Our advanced equipment technologies allow us to get in and out of your facility as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your schedule. Many small to medium size treatments are performed in one day. Nearly all of our residential clients are also completed in one day. 

What is the Investment?
  • Each disinfection/decontamination project is different and priced accordingly. The price is determined by square and cubic feet and is quoted upon each customer’s unique requirements. We’ll start with a phone call in order to gain a broader understanding of your environment. SteraPro™ will advise and help determine what engagement path best suits your particular needs and requirements. 
  • Typically, our clients fall into 3 categories, High Traffic, Medium Traffic, and Low Traffic. SteraPro™ will develop a customized annual maintenance agreement based upon your specific needs. SteraPro™ aims to deliver A+ disinfection and protection, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To accomplish this we have identified and implement an ideal system and process. 
  • For complex fumigation projects, we typically need to view as-built building layout plans and air handling drawings at a minimum before we can issue a quotation. When SteraPro™ is awarded the job, additional information is required at this point in order for us to establish a comprehensive decontamination plan.
  • For less complex jobs where our telephone conversation has identified all of the pertinent factors, we may be able to issue a quotation after an initial phone call.
  • In some instances, we may request a site visit where it’s practical before issuing a quotation in order to gain a complete understanding of a client’s needs.
  • In emergency situations, or in situations where a site visit is not practical, we can provide services based upon a time & materials agreement, or on a fixed price basis with a plus/minus % price variance.
  • For those clients that experience emergency biological occurrences on a regular, but unplanned basis, we offer discounted service rates based upon an annual commitment. Payments can be spread out on a monthly basis over a budget cycle to avoid expense spikes and to fit spending parameters.
  • We offer preventative or scheduled service plans that provide discounted rates and peace of mind.
How long does SteraShield™ Antimicrobial surface protection last?

SteraShield™ is permanently bound to the surface and thermally stable, insoluble, and non-leaching, the treatment can theoretically last for the life of the treated surface in the right conditions. However, the life of the treated surface depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is surface preparation. If you treat a dirty surface, when the dirt comes off, the effectiveness of the antimicrobial will decrease. High surface abrasion (i.e. floor scrubbers, high traffic), or the prolonged use of cleaners with a PH levels above 10 (i.e. bleach, ammonia), will also shorten the effective life-cycle.

In practice, to maintain an A+ environment, most of our customers in high/medium traffic environments, re-treat with SteraShield™ at 3  month intervals. We can re-test high-touch surfaces at periodic intervals to gauge how your cleaning practices and facility traffic patterns impacts the performance level, and recommend extending or decreasing treatment intervals based upon objective criteria.

How Often Do I need to Disinfect?

 SteraPro™ aims to deliver A+ disinfection and protection, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To accomplish this we typically “Disinfect & Protect” your environment once every 90 days. For higher or lower traffic environments, SteraPro™ will develop a customized annual maintenance agreement based upon your specific traffic and environment. 

How do you document results?

SteraPro™ delivers exceptional accountability. Prior to any treatment, we will conduct a microbial test of your environment. Post disinfection, SteraPro™ will conduct another microbial test to ensure the effectiveness of our procedure and to provide our clients with an accurate third-party microbial lab report for their records, state reporting, litigious support, etc.

Because we are essentially fighting an “invisible enemy”, we use analytical tools that allow us to precisely measure and document the results of your treatment initially, and over time with biological indicators, chemical indicators, microbial swabs, gas concentration meters, UV output detectors and air particulate meters. To verify the anti-microbial efficacy of SteraShield™, we use a Bromophenol Blue (BPB) solution or UV additives, insuring that continuous protection is maintained.

What are the SteraShield™ surface protection aftercare requirements?

No additional steps are required after applying SteraShield™ although we do highly recommend using a cleaner/disinfectant with a neutral PH level below 7 to extend the life of the SteraShield™ anti-microbial protective layer. It is important to maintain dust/debris free surfaces or the dust build up will compete with the nano-spikes, limiting their ability to eradicate microbes. Post application, SteraPro™ measures the efficacy performance after applying SteraShield™ at 30 & 60 day intervals, many customers find that they can save money by reducing their cleaning requirements and chemical usage.

Are you properly insured to treat our facility?

As certified decontamination, disinfection and odor control specialists, we are one of the few companies in the nation that qualify for, and carry industry specific coverage, including contractor’s pollution liability, general liability, and professional liability coverage in our field of expertise.

What’s wrong with using bleach to disinfect?

The use of bleach should be limited to situations where better performing and safer alternatives are not available. In the presence of organic matter (the everyday contamination we deal with), bleach loses its effectiveness and requires an extra pre-cleaning step. The caustic nature of bleach often requires a secondary rinse unlike most modern disinfectants. In addition to the extra labor requirements, diluted bleach starts to lose its effectiveness within 24 hours and should be prepared daily to insure it maintains its efficacy. Excess bleach must be discarded each day.

Of particular importance to many of our clients who are exposed to bleach on a daily basis, long-term exposure to bleach has well documented health consequences. And if that’s not enough of a reason to consider switching, prolonged use of bleach rapidly degrades furnishings and equipment, unnecessarily increasing your capital expenditures. In this day and age, we have much more effective and eco-friendly alternatives.

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