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Disinfect & Protect

SteraPro™ has the ultimate weapon to defeat our “Invisible Enemy”

Don’t Just Disinfect…Protect!

There are companies who provide “deep cleaning”, “electrostatic fogging”, use toxic & corrosive chemicals with antiquated methods to attempt disinfection. Although, you may get a “good cleaning”, it pails in comparison to the sterility SteraPro™ delivers.

Most disinfection methods expire almost immediately, as there is no microbial protection in place (post disinfection) to combat newly introduced viruses & bacteria, resulting in imminent recontamination. Investment lost!

If you need a solution that last longer than 10 minutes…Go SteraPro™!


Go SteraPro™

“When you make an investment in disinfection, you need it to last!”

SteraPro™ will throughly disinfect your environment, using the most advanced disinfection methods available. SteraPro™ then applies SteraShield™ Antimicrobial Surface Protectant to provide long-term protection against harmful microorganisms.

Cold Arc Plasma Technology

In 2001 DARPA invented “Cold Arc” Plasma technology as an effective defense against biological warfare. SteraPro™ Implements this technological breakthrough in disinfection by utilizing TOMI’s proprietary, patented SteraMist™ equipment and Binary Ionization Technology.

Proven Results

SteraPro™ implements a series of proven tests and controls that measure the efficacy of microbial eradication. All of our systems and processes have been independently tested, verified, case studied, and is recognized by the EPA, & CDC as the Gold standard in microbial disinfection.

Long Term Protection

SteraPro™ applies world class technology through its proprietary antimicrobial protectant, SteraShield™. SteraShield™ comprises a nano layer of electrically charged spikes that destroys new bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact. 

SteraPro™ Products




SteraMist™ BIT Solution


SteraMist™ Binary Ionization Technology (BIT), is a proprietary  7.8% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) sole active ingredient based solution. The SteraMist™ equipment atomizes BIT into a fine mist/fog known as ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP). iHP contains a high concentration of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), consisting mostly of hydroxyl radicals, known as (OH), the main killing agent. OH are one of the most powerful oxidizing agents in nature. Utilizing TOMI’s advanced cold plasma arc technology and iHP process, SteraPro™ kills bacteria and fungal spores and inactivates viral cells by destroying their proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. This leads to the cellular disruption and/or dysfunction allowing for the quick decontamination of targeted areas, objects and large spaces.



SteraShield™ Antimicrobial 


SteraShield™ is a nano-coating that creates a protective surface layer by forming a bed of negatively charged nano-spikes that attract the positively charged nuclei of harmful microbes. When a microbe makes contact with the nano-spikes, the cellular membrane is immediately disrupted resulting in instantaneous demise. The SteraShield™ technology provides a perfect approach to inhibiting microorganisms without the use of unsafe heavy metals or poisons. SteraShield™ is completely safe, non-toxic, EPA registered, and independently tested and proven to provide unparalleled protection against deadly microorganisms for great lengths of time. 

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