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We help you control & prevent the spread of infectious viruses & bacteria in any environment.

Expert Disinfection and Prevention

Eradicate COVID Today!

  • Eliminate 99.9999% of all surface and airborne viruses and bacteria
  • 100% Hospital, Children & Food Safe – EPA Registered Disinfectants
  • Maintain exceptionally disinfected environments with our proprietary antimicrobial coating, SteraShield™


SteraPro™ utilizes superior technology to deliver surgical-grade sterility in expedient timeframes, providing exceptional value, unparalleled efficacy, and economical pricing.     


Once your environment has been thoroughly sterilized, SteraPro™ applies SteraShield™ an antimicrobial technology proven to eliminate harmful microorganisms on contact. 

SteraShield™  is a nano-surface protectant that inhibits microbial growth on applied surfaces for extended lengths of time. SteraPro™ implements this technology as our primary weapon against environmental recontamination. 

SteraShield™ is EPA registered, tested, non-toxic, and free of any toxic metals, silver & zinc free. 


SteraShield™ is an antimicrobial coating that can be applied to nearly any surface. One applied, it forms a molecular chain of electrically charged nano spikes. Those spikes kill new viruses, bacteria, and fungi on contact, mechanically killing harmful microbes, without the use of toxic or antiquated chemicals.  

The Power of Cold Plasma.

In 2001 DARPA invented “Cold Arc” Plasma technology as an effective defense against biological warfare. SteraPro™ Implements this technological breakthrough in disinfection by utilizing TOMI’s proprietary, patented SteraMist™ equipment and Binary Ionization technology.

Proud to be the best.

All of our staff have been thoroughly trained and certified through the TOMI service network, recognized as the “Gold Standard” in the disinfection industry.  SteraPro™ extends a “100% Iron Clad Satisfaction Guarantee” on all of our projects. We pride ourselves in quality and service and you have our ultimate commitment to the success and quality of your project.


What our valued clients have to say about SteraPro™

I couldn’t be more pleased with the customer service and expertise of SteraPro. They effectively help us maintain a safe and healthy environment for our staff and customers. SteraPro has greatly assisted in helping us improve our clean manufacturing standards. All of our staff have remained Covid free during the pandemic. Many thanks to SteraPro!

Susan Anspach

CEO, ReMarkable Corp

Our company facilitates multiple UFC training centers across the US. The nature of our business calls for appropriate disinfection controls, mainly for skin related issues such as ring worm, impetigo, and staph infections. We have worked endlessly to combat this nuisance and all countermeasures have fallen drastically short in comparison to SteraPro’s system. Now, we finally have a guaranteed control against our invisible nemesis. This is probably one of the best investments our company has ever made. Thank You! SteraPro!

Donnie Oliver


We were experiencing significant issues with the spread of flu “B” and other viruses amongst our children at multiple daycare facilities. We hired SteraPro to help us navigate this emergency. The results were truly astonishing, we immediately contained “the spread” and avoided a disaster. Daycare’s can be unbelievably challenging to keep disinfected, SteraPro rescued us and continues to protect us. We are SteraPro for life!!!    

Janet Holbrooke

Director of Child Care, Life Kids


Why should I select SteraPro™ ?

We are highly trained & certified environmental disinfection, bio-decontamination and odor removal specialists. Disinfection and prevention is our only focus and not a peripheral service we only dabble in.

 See How SteraPro™ stacks up against alternative methods: The SteraPro™ Advantage.

 When you select SteraPro™ you receive:

  • The Industries most advanced technologies and equipment proven to eradicate even the most stubborn viruses & bacteria.
  • Fast & Reliable Service, Our equipment allows us to do large areas at expedient rates, delivering exceptional efficiency.
  • A+ Disinfection & Protection, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
  • An affordable, custom tailored treatment plan that matches the appropriate treatment option with the associated risk level.
  • The safest and most environmentally friendly, EPA registered, safe & non-toxic treatment options available.
  • Validated performance with documented results.
  • Technicians who are trained & certified through the TOMI Service Network, nationally recognized as the “Gold Standard” in microbial eradication, biosafety, bio-containment, sterilization, environmental disinfection and odor control.
  • Strict operating protocols backed with A+ insurance coverage for performing environmental decontamination services.
What is the Investment?
  • Each disinfection/decontamination project is different and priced accordingly. The price is determined by square and cubic feet and is quoted upon each customer’s unique requirements. We’ll start with a phone call in order to gain a broader understanding of your environment. SteraPro™ will advise and help determine what engagement path best suits your particular needs and requirements.
  • For complex fumigation projects, we typically need to view as-built building layout plans and air handling drawings at a minimum before we can issue a quotation. When SteraPro™ is awarded the job, additional information is required at this point in order for us to establish a comprehensive decontamination plan.
  • For less complex jobs where our telephone conversation has identified all of the pertinent factors, we may be able to issue a quotation after an initial phone call.
  • In some instances, we may request a site visit where it’s practical before issuing a quotation in order to gain a complete understanding of a client’s needs.
  • In emergency situations, or in situations where a site visit is not practical, we can provide services based upon a time & materials agreement, or on a fixed price basis with a plus/minus % price variance.
  • For those clients that experience emergency biological occurrences on a regular, but unplanned basis, we offer discounted service rates based upon an annual commitment. Payments can be spread out on a monthly basis over a budget cycle to avoid expense spikes and to fit spending parameters.
  • We offer preventative or scheduled service plans that provide discounted rates and peace of mind.
How Often Do I need to Disinfect?

SteraPro™ delivers unparalleled disinfection and sustainability for great lengths of time. 

SteraPro™ aims to deliver A+ disinfection and protection, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To accomplish this we typically “Disinfect & Protect” your environment once every 90 days. For higher or lower traffic environments, SteraPro™ will develop a customized annual maintenance agreement based upon your specific traffic and environment. 

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